International cartoon contest: "Color is the wonder of light", Antwerp 2023, Belgium

Color is the wonder of light
In 2021, we organized an international cartoon contest to celebrate the 100th anniversary of our socio-cultural association. And with great success! 
The many entries, the enthusiastic reactions and the unique traveling cartoon expo motivated us to organize a biennial event. One year the focus is on the cartoon contest, the next year on the traveling cartoon expo. 
From May 1st 2023 to August 31st 2023 cartoonists from all over the world can participate in our cartoon contest and this time with the theme: “Color is the wonder of light”. We were inspired by the quote by the Flemish poet Marc Van Halsendaele. 
Cartoons can be submitted via www.cultuursmakers-cartoons.be with a maximum of 5 cartoons per participant. 
The award ceremony will take place on Friday February 9th 2024 in Sint-Truiden, after which the 30 best cartoons will travel around for a year in an expo through Flanders and Brussels. 
Cultuursmakers is a socio-cultural association in Flanders (northern state of Belgium) and Brussels. The association consists of groups of volunteers who organize high-quality and varied cultural activities. Our mission: to bring people and culture closer together. With us you can discover, experience and enjoy culture together with others. In this way, real contact and connection between people grows. At Cultuursmakers we look at the world from a broad perspective, with respect and openness towards everyone. In this way we contribute to a warm society. 
We are already curious about your creativity and wish you good luck! 
Wanted: cartoonists 
Binding terms and conditions
Theme: “Color is the wonder of light”.
Deadline: August 31st 2023
Anyone aged 18 and over can participate in this international contest. Participants declare that they agree with the terms and conditions of the contest, and the jury’s decisions. Participation is free. The deadline is August 31st 2023. 
Definition of a cartoon: 
A cartoon is a humorous drawing without explanatory text. This can be a parody of a current situation or simply an image of a comic situation. This cartoon can consist of a single image or take the form of a short comic with a maximum of 3 drawings. Moving images are not allowed. 
The theme of this contest is “Color is the wonder of light”. 
• Each entrant may submit a maximum of 5 entries (color or black and white) in A4 format. 
• All drawings must be submitted digitally in sufficiently high quality: A4 600 dpi with a maximum size of 8 MB. Accepted file formats are jpg, png, psd, eps and pdf. 
• The drawings must be original, i.e. not previously awarded, published or exhibited. They may not be provided with text, nor may the name 'Cultuursmakers' and the logo of the association be used. 
• Entries are made through the website www.cartoons-cultuursmakers.be where a registration form can be filled in and files can be uploaded immediately. 
• The participant agrees that the personal information (name, e-mail, address) will be used to inform her/him about the competition. 
Originality of the works: 
The participant is responsible for the originality of his works. Disputes and possible claims with regard to all forms of plagiarism, etc. are the responsibility of the participant. 
By participating, the participants agree to the terms and conditions of the cartoon contest and entitle the organizing association the right to publish the submitted works in the cartoon brochure and to use them for the promotion of the cartoon expo. For any other use of the cartoons, the cartoonist will be asked for permission in advance. 
A professional jury makes a selection for the cartoon expo from the entries received and appoints the prize winners. Determination of plagiarism will result in exclusion from the entry. If, after the announcement of the prizes, plagiarism appears to have been committed, the jury may withdraw the prize after deliberation. 
The laureates will be announced during the opening of the first cartoon expo. There will be no communication whatsoever about the contest. However, the organizing association will inform all participants whether they are among the winners or whether their work has been selected for the traveling cartoon expo. 
Award ceremony and cartoon expo: 
The winning cartoons, supplemented with an exquisite selection of the submitted cartoons, will travel through Flanders and Brussels with traveling cartoon expos from February 2024 till the end of December 2024. Each cartoon is accompanied by the name of the cartoonist and the country. The award ceremony will take place during the opening of the first cartoon expo on Friday February 9th 2024 at 8 pm in Sint-Truiden. 
The participant lends his works to the organizing association for the purpose of organizing the traveling cartoon expo up to and including December 2024. The awarded works remain the property of the organizing association. 
Cartoon brochure: 
A digital and paper cartoon brochure will be published. Selected participants will receive a digital version and are entitled to one paper copy that they can obtain free of charge upon simple request. However, they are responsible for the postage themselves or collect the brochure themselves from the organizing association. 
The prizes: 
1st prize: 1.000 euros 
2nd prize: 500 euros 
3rd prize: 250 euros 
Prize for best Flemish entry: 250 euros 
Audience award: 250 euros (this prize will be awarded after the last cartoon expo) 
Organizing association: 
Cultuursmakers vzw - Grotehondstraat 44, b 1/1, 2018 Antwerpen, Belgium 

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