Pre-Elections completed in Bursa International Cartoon Contest 2021, Turkey

Under the main theme of "Let's Use Water, Our Source of Life Carefully" and "Portrait Caricatures of Cemal Nadir Güler", preselection of cartoons from both adults and young cartoonists were carried out. 
To the event where the submissions were completed as of December 31, 2021; A total of 776 cartoonists, 620 adults and 156 young cartoonists, from 64 different countries participated with 1736 cartoons. 
The Pre-Selection Committee of the Contest; As of January 18, 2022, they selected the works that were eliminated as a result of a meticulous study and remained for the final selection. 
According to the preliminary evaluation results; In the Adult Category; 126 cartoons on theme of "Let's Use Water, Our Source of Life Carefully" and 100 works with the theme of "Portrait Caricatures of Cemal Nadir" were determined as finalist candidates. Also, in the youth category; 64 cartoons on theme "Let's Use Water, Our Source of Life Carefully" and 36 cartoons on theme of "Cemal Nadir Güler Caricatures" were determined as finalist candidates. 
Thanks again to all the artists who participated in the competition. 
We congratulate the finalists and wish them good luck andsuccess fort he final selection. 
126 cartoons determined as finalists among the water-themed cartoons in the adults category; For similar, copy or stolen cartoon notifications, it will be announced to the public over the internet for one week (between 27.01.2022 and 02.02.2022). 
Objections will be accepted "only" via e-mail and at karikatur.bursa@gmail.com To make an objection; Along with the work number on each announced cartoon, the internet address or reference of the image that is "absolutely" similar/copied/stolen must be clearly stated. Objections that do not comply with these objection e-mail conditions and that come outside the specified dates will not be considered. 

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