Brazilian artist Cau Gomez wins PortoCartoon 2021 with theme HEALTH

Brazilian artist wins PortoCartoon 2021
Caricatures of Luther King and Maria João Pires award to India and Portugal
Cau Gomez, from Brazil, won the Grand Prize of the 23rd PortoCartoon-World Festival, organized by the Portuguese Printing Press Museum with the theme HEALTH (as per the 3rd UN ODS). 
The winning work is entitled “A Peste” (The Plague) and is a black humor metaphor about the threats of the present times (Top)
The Second Prize was awarded to Tony Tasco, from Belgium, and the third was to Luis Fernando Echeverri (Fernando Pica), from Colombia. 
The quality of the work led the international jury to award 27 Honorable Mentions to artists from different countries such as Germany, Saudi Arabia, Argentina, Belgium, Brazil, Bulgaria, China, Spain, France, Iran, Italy, Portugal and Turkey. 
Luther King and M. João Pires give awards to India and Portugal 
This year's edition included two Special Caricature Awards about the figures of Martin Luther King, Nobel Peace Prize, assassinated in 1968, and Maria João Pires, whose “way of playing the piano has often been described as magical, captivating and profoundly poetic” (Deutsche Grammophon). 
The winners were, respectively, Shankar Pamarthy, from India and Aurélio Mesquita (Portugal). 
Shankar Pamarthy was also won the 2nd Maria João Pires Special Caricature Award. 
The Maria João Pires Prize exhibition will be at Teatro Constantino Nery, Matosinhos, from September 17 to October 31, as per the decentralization policy of the Portuguese Printing Press Museum activities. 
The winners of the 23rd PortoCartoon will receive the trophies (designed by Siza Vieira) and the Awards during the opening ceremony of the exhibition, which will take place at the Portuguese Printing Press Museum located in Porto, on a date to be announced in due time. 
Maria João Pires Special Caricature Award 3rd Prize
Halit Kurtulmuş (Turkey).

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