SICACO 2021 DEADLINE: September 30th

Dear Sir, my SICACO friend! 
Thank you for applying for SICACO 2021 despite the spread of COVID-19.
Please send your cartoons by mail within Sept.30, 2021(delay)
* SICACO 2021 theme : Untact+ Winwin非對面+相生)
* SICACO 2020 winners must send new works by mail (for last prize, book).
* SICACO prefers original cartoons for Korean museums by mail.
* SICACO dislikes image cartoons by e-mail (no judgement).
* SICACO needs winner's transferred address within October 15th.
* My address is on SICACO2021 Rules 6 or billow part!
(450 Wolpyeong-dong, Seo-gu, Daejeon-city, SEOUL KOREA 35221)
I look forward to your participation in 30th Anniversary SICACO 2021.
God bless you and avoid Corona.
Dr. Lim,Cheong san, President of SICACO

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