International Cartoon Competition “Climate Technology” 2021, Estonia

“Climate Technology” 2021
Estonian Humour Union and Estonian Humor Museum, in collaboration with their partner ABC Kliima, are organizing an international cartoon competition by the theme of “Climate Technology“. 
About the topic: 
The theme of the drawings should revolve around the climate technology that influence our everyday lives: 
• Solar panels 
• Air conditionings 
• Ground source heat pumps 
• Ventilations 
• Air humidifiers 
• Air curtains 
• Central vacuum cleaners 
• Floor heating 
• Sauna stoves 
• Infra-red heating 
• Geothermal 
• Etc. 
Prize fund: 
I place – 1000 € 
II place – 500 € 
III place – 300 € 
* 2 special prizes – starting from 100 € (for Estonian cartoonists when left out of the award-winning places) 
(Taxes will be deducted from the prizes; the panel holds the right to make changes in the distribution of the awards) 
Agreeing to take part in the competition implies the agreement with the following rules: 
• Every author is allowed to send in up to 5 cartoons, but only one cartoon per author will be awarded. The cartoons can be previously published, but should not have been already awarded. All cartoons are welcomed, granted that no copyright laws have been broken. 
• All cartoons must be square-shaped and with the sizing of 2480 x 2480 px (210 x 210 mm) and 300 dpi, JPG or PNG format 
• Both colourful and black-and-white cartoons are allowed 
• Cartoons must not contain any text except internationally known English expressions (OK, S.O.S, HELP, etc.). 
• The authors first and last name, address, and e-mail address must be submitted with the cartoon. 
• The cartoons must be submitted before September 30, 2021 to cartoon@eestihuumor.ee 
• The winners will be revealed on November 1, 2021 
• All of the cartoons sent in for the competition will be stored in the Estonian Humour Museum 
• The best cartoons will be exhibited in the Estonian Humour Museum. The exhibit might also be showcaseed as a traveling exhibition all over Estonia. 
• The results of the competition will be revealed through media channels and the awarded authors will be notified through the contact information provided 
• The e-catalogue can be see from: www.eestihuumor.ee 
• ABC Kliima, Estonian Humour Museum and Estonian Humour Union hold the right to publish or print all of the cartoons sent into the competition in any media channel or format, without payment or the approval from the author 
• More information: cartoon@eestihuumor.ee 

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