XXI International Salon of Antiwar Cartoons, Kragujevac 2021, Serbia

The international jury will make a selection out of submitted cartoons which is to be exhibited and published in the Salon‘s catalog. Besides, the following prizes are to be awarded: 
Grand Prix "Courier of Peace" and a prize of 1,500 euros from the International Association of Cities of Peace Newspapers 
Gold plaque and 1,000 euros 
Silver plaque and 800 euros 
Bronze plaque and 500 euros 
Award of the Mayor of Bydgoszcz (Poland) in the amount of 750 euros 
Award of the city of Ingolstadt (Germany) in the amount of 500 euros 
Award of the city of Bielsko-Biala (Poland) in the amount of 500 euros 
Prize of the city of Suresnes (France) in the amount of 500 euros 
Prize of the city of Pitesti (Romania) in the amount of 500 euros 
Award of the city of Carrara (Italy) in the amount of 500 euros. 
The jury may also award a number of diplomas to shortlisted works for awards. 
Cartoonists and fine artists from all over the world have to right to participate. They should submit at most 3 (three) cartoons, which have not been awarded by any other international competition, on the subject of antiwar as well as solidarity between people and nations. The artworks should be utmost A4-A3 formatted, while art technique is at the artist’s choice, including, electronically version of the cartoon with the original signature. On the back of the artwork there should be written data on the artist (such as: name, surname, address, phone/fax, e-mail.) 
The deadline for submission of works is August 17th, 2021. The jury session is to be held on August 21th and 22th, 2021. 
The Cartoons should be sent to the address: 
SALON ANTIRATNE KARIKATURE, Desankin venac bb, 34000 Kragujevac, Serbia 
or to the e-mail address salon@spomenpark.rs . 
The works submitted to the competition are not returned and the Salon reserves the right to use them without special compensation. 
NOTE: The International Salon of Antiwar Catoons had a great international promotion and affirmation. After the announcement of the winners, the presentation of awards and the opening of the exhibition in Kragujevac, the Salon exhibition is being set up in numerous cities around the world and in international organizations. The salon has visited more than 40 cities in 20 countries. Thus, the Salon exhibition was presented in the United Nations building in New York, in the exhibition premises of the European Commission in Brussels. Polish cities Bydgoszcz, Bielsko-Biala, Plonsk, Vielun, Torun. The audience also saw her in Mexico City, Limassol (Cyprus), Berlin and Dresden (Germany), Paris (France), Tryavna (Bulgaria), Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina), Skopje (Macedonia), Carrara and Monte Cassino (Italy), New Haven (USA), Poltava (Ukraine), Mesolongia (Greece), Kotor (Montenegro), Slovenj Gradec (Slovenia)...The virtual exhibition of the Salon is available on the Salon's website www.antiwarkragujevac.rs.


Unknown said...

salon@spomenpark.rs  Этот адрес не работает! Карикатуры не отправляются.
Ответьте: v-tarasenko@yandex.ru

KOZY said...

Dear Tarasenko,
You can tell about the problem to Mr Spiro Radulovic, the member of the Board of Salon: spirorad@gmail.com