XVI edition of Festival of Economy of Trento 2021, Italy: The Return of the State


Dear Artist friends, like every year the Studio d'Arte Andromeda has been invited to join the Festival of Economy that will be held in Trento from 3 to 6 June 2021. 

“The coronavirus pandemic has driven the public sector to enter even more invasively into our lives, regulating every aspect of our daily activities. Let’s be clear about this, it has done so with good reason, and other countries that have seen less invasive action by their governments have bitterly regretted it. 

The fact remains that when we finally come out of the emergency, we will find ourselves with a hypertrophic state that has moved into fields left exclusively to private initiative in the past. 

The end of the pandemic can be an opportunity to redefine the confines of the state and to reinforce its presence where this is most needed, at the same time planning its withdrawal elsewhere. 

What should the public sector do for its citizens, and what on the other hand should merely be regulated and left to private initiative? And what should the response be to private sector players that do not limit themselves to pursuing their own individual or company interests, but that organise themselves into communities, or third sector associations capable of concerning themselves with the common good as well as, if not better, than the public sector? We should also review how the state can carry out these activities in a more efficient manner. 

The pandemic has been a stress test for the public administration. In many cases it has failed, and we must learn from these negative lessons no less than from the positive ones. We can also learn a great deal from the interaction between the public administration and democratic institutions, and between the technostructure and politics. 

Tito Boeri 
Scientific Director of the Festival" 

​ You are invited to join the exhibition “Smiles from the world”, to think together about the theme of the XVI edition of Festival of Economy of Trento: 

Enterprises, communities and institutions 

The theme is peculiar, for sure it reflects a situation close to our country, Italy – but it also examines a theme common to all, in this year of health emergency. 

The Festival and the exhibition will take place online, the artworks will be visible on the Festival's website and on Studio d'Arte Andromeda’s website, in the section dedicated to the Festival. 

It'll be possible to vote the favorite artwork on our website. 

The winner of the public vote will win a voucher for a stay in Trentino, offered by APT of Trento; 

Deadline: 25 May 2021 

Email address to send the artworks to: economia@studioandromeda.net 

Artworks: MAX 1MB, 300 DPI, JPG. 

Source: studioandromeda.

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