Dear Winners, Please spread my good news! 

Thanks for the success of the SICACO 2020 with the participation and cooperation of my winners. Because of the corona, I am unable to send international mail to the winners' presents. 
First of all, SICACO 2020 Cartoon book will be released on the Internet. I will send my winners an international mail as soon as it is accepted as Corona quarantine. 

I hope you can use and download them for searching and distribute them widely to your relatives and cartoonists to make your life bright and cheerful. 
I would like to thank you again for your cooperation with the SICACO 2020 Contest and my National University's Cyber Cartoon Gallery in order to be well received worldwide. 
See you in SICACO 2021! Merry Christmas and Happy New! 

Dr. Lim, Cheong San, President of SICACO 
http://dicaco.kongju.ac.kr ←(SICACO 2020 Cartoon Book)

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