6th International contest of caricature and graphic humor, Noticartun Colombia 2020

6th International contest of caricature and graphic humor
"Tribute to Arles Herrera - Calarcá"
Cartoon Theme: And after the pandemic, what?
We present to all of you the convening of the sixth edition of the NOTICARTÚN COLOMBIA contest, which pays tribute to the Colombian cartoonist, artist, and maestro José Arles Herrera, better known as “Calarcá”.
José Arles Herrera "Calarca" was born in Armenia (Quindío), on June 23, 1934. He went to painting school in the 1950s, in the city of Cali, to the workshop of the Popayán’s painter Hernando González and later studied caricature and graphic arts in Moscow, at the Institute of Political Science and Graphic Communication. His time at the academy was not only for learning but also to create training spaces and to share his knowledge. This is how he is the co-founder of the National Cartoon School (in Colombia) and its teacher for 29 years. He has also been a workshop professor at the Jorge Tadeo Lozano University, the Industrial University of Santander, the Ricardo Rendon of Rionegro City Cultural Center, and Univalle University, among others; as well as in different social spaces in the country. Lastly, it is significant to highlight that Calarca´s work has been printed in important media in the world.
1) Open to all professional cartoonists in the world, preferably of legal age (18 years old).
Deadline:  September 30 of this year. 
2) There will be 2 categories: graphic humor and physiognomic caricature
A. Physiognomic caricatures of Arles Herrera - Calarcá (not portraits).
Images and information: concursonoticartun
B. Graphic humor: "And after the pandemic, what?"
Assuming we will overcome this coronavirus, what does the world have in store for it, after this one?
- caricature
: 1st, 2nd, and 3rd positions + 5 Honorable Mentions: Virtual Diploma.
Graphic humour
: 1st, 2nd, and 3rd positions + 5 Honorable Mentions: Virtual Diploma.
"Caricature Recognition and Graphic Humor Noticartún Colombia"
Besides, a virtual catalog will be designed to host the official contest site.
4) Each participant can present as far as 1 work per topic, and each work can only be awarded in one single category. Black and white or color cartoons are well received.
5) About the JURY:
It’s made up of renowned caricaturists and professional cartoonists from Colombia, Poland, and Costa Rica.
- Melissa Baena “Mel” (Armenia)
- Andrés gonzález“Gova” (Bogotá)
- Luis Eduardo León (Bogotá)
- Izabela Kowalska - Wieczorek (Poland)
- Luis D. Calvo “Mecho” (Costa Rica)
They may participate with works but only as a collaboration and not for awards. The works from their relatives or people with whom they have currently worked, may not be taken into account for the award.
6) The cartoons sent must have a maximum size of 30 x 40 cm. and jpg. 300 dpi.
7) You may send cartoons that have already been published or awarded previously. The selected works will be online so that if someone has a complaint about the originality of the work, the jury and the organization of the contest will review the case and select a new finalist work.
8) All the drawings presented must be made from original ideas drawn or painted, either presented in analog (scanned) or digital form. NO memes, photos, scanned photocopies, photomontages, collages, or 3D renders will be accepted.
9) Participants must send a brief a digital curriculum vitae with their contact information: name, surname, email, website or blog, and country of origin. Also, include a photograph or self-caricature.
10) Each author owns the rights to their work and only authorizes the International Cartoon and Graphic Humor Contest - NOTICARTUN COLOMBIA to use it in this online tribute and its promotional pieces or possible cultural exhibitions, without any financial compensation for the parts. Any problem with copyrights will be assumed by the participant.
11) The International Cartoon and Graphic Humor Contest - NOTICARTUN COLOMBIA, reserves the right to exhibit those works that may violate individual or collective rights and policies.
12) Participation in the contest implies full and unreserved acceptance of these conditions.
13) Works must be sent to concursonoticartuncol@gmail.com
Principal: Camilo A. Triana C. "TRIANA"
Vice-principal: Juan C. Lopera A. "JÚCALO".

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