Deadline extended: 52nd World Gallery of Cartoons Skopje 2020, North Macedonia

52nd WORLD GALLERY of CARTOONS Skopje 2020
• The organizer of the competition is OSTEN Skopje, Republic of N.Macedonia.
• The SELECTOR assigned by the organizer will select the submitted works, and the INTERNATIONAL JURY will appraise the short-listed works.
• On the occasion of 75 years of OSTEN’s existence the opening of the exhibition and the official announcement of the awards will take place in September 2020 in Skopje.
• The following categories of original works will be considered: cartoon, satirical drawing, comic/strip (up to one panel of non-linguistic strip).
• Theme | technique | format – to be decided by the author.
• Number of works – to be decided by the author.
• DIGITAL IMAGES – scanned original hand-drawn works or digitally created works from the newer production (which have not been previously published or awarded) will be considered in the application process.
Note 1: The works that are deemed by the selector or jury to be already published / awarded, or identical / closely similar to the known works by another author - will NOT be judged.
Note 2: according to the organizer’s directions, the selector and the international jury will pay particular attention to both the idea / message and visual expression of the submitted works
• REGULAR APPLICANT – should fill out this Application Form (electronically or manually) and send it to the e-mail: cartoons@osten.com.mk along with her/his photo & short bio and the digital images of the works that the applicant attends to submit (.jpg .tif .png .eps .pdf / 300 dpi) – up to 31 May 2020.
Note 3: By completing the Application Form, the author gives to the organizer a non-exclusive right to use, exhibit, study and publish his works for promotion of the event.
• The SHORT-LISTED CARTOONISTS selected by the SELECTOR Mice JANKULOVSKI will be asked to send the original hand-drawn works / drawings (or printed digital works: titled, numbered and signed in pencil) via postal mail for showing them in front of the INTERNATIONAL JURY:
1. Norbert Van YPERZEEL, Belgium
2. Boris ERENBURG, Israel
3. Adriana MOSQUERA - NANI, Columbia
4. Kornelija KONESKA, N. Macedonia
5. Miroslav GRCEV, N. Macedonia
• The JURY MEMBERS review the works of the short-listed cartoonists, choose the work that will be presented in the catalog and decide on the awards envisaged by the organizer:
FIRST AWARD (1000 $)
CICO AWARD* for Macedonian Cartoonist (Plaque)
* In honor of the great Macedonian cartoonist Vasilije Popovic – Cico.
While submission of their works, the short-listed cartoonists should choose one of the options below:
To participate without Submission Fee (the submitted works remain in the OSTEN Collection)
To participate with a 40 $ Fee (unselected works are returned to the author)
• The ORGANIZER will notify all registered cartoonists about the results of the selection by 15 June 2020 via e-mail, and the short-listed cartoonists will be asked to send the original works via postal mail by 15 July 2020 at the address:
8 Udarna Brigada 2, 1000 Skopje, N. Macedonia
When sending the works, make sure to write on the package: NOT FOR COMMERCIAL PURPOSES, FOR EXHIBITION ONLY!!!
Note 1.: The original works should be sent via postal mail together with the printed Application Form.
Note 2.: The name of the cartoonist, title and technique should be stated on the back of each work.
• The ORGANIZER will notify the short-listed cartoonists about the jury decision by the end of June 2020 via email and will publish the results on its website: osten.mk and in the public media.
(if selected participation with a Selection Fee)
Beneficiary: OSTEN DOOEL SKOPJE, 8 Udarna Brigada 2, Skopje 1000, N. Macedonia
IBAN: MK07210701000702188 | SWIFT: TUTNMK22
Bank: NLB AD SKOPJE, Majka Tereza 1, Skopje 1000, N. Macedonia
• The AWARDED and SELECTED WORKS will be exhibited on the official exhibition of the 52nd World Gallery of Cartoons Skopje 2020 / September 2020 in Skopje.
• For the AWARD-WINNING CARTOONISTS who will be present in Skopje during the opening of the exhibition and presentation awards ceremony, OSTEN will produce print portfolios of their works
• The AWARD-WINNING CARTOONISTS receive appropriate Certificates and printed copy of the catalog via post mail. Their works remain in the OSTEN Collection
• ALL OTHER CARTOONISTS receive appropriate Certificates (the short-listed – Certificates for Outstanding Participation / other participating cartoonists – Certificates for Participation) and digital catalog in .pdf via e-mail. The ones, who would like to have the Certificate / catalog in hard copy, can order them for a price of 30 $ and they will be sent to the appointed address by registered post mail.
The organizer invites all participants to attend the opening of the exhibition and presentation awards ceremony in September 2020 in Skopje, and for the award-winning cartoonists who will announce the presence by 1st August 2020 provides 3-nights accommodation in the OSTEN ART Hotel – Skopje.
Application Form in PDF.


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