Welcome to SICACO 2019 !

Dear SICACO Cartoonist!
Welcome to you in SICACO 2019!
Thanks for sending me your original works by mail already!
The deadline is August 31st. in SICACO 2019! (You can send me yours by airmail of the post office on August 31.)
This main theme means "Hot + Cool"./ Free section's football, children, etc.
You'd better send me your original works by mail. (for Korea National Museums)
You can send me your printed digital cartoons by mail.
If you send me your image ones by e-mail, my juries decided no prize, no money, and no books.
Therefore you must not send me yours by E-mail only.
I'll wait for your cartoons mail arriving within 6-9 days at a cost of 5-9 dollars.
Next year I’ll held SICACO 2020 with Korea National Museums at national level.
See you in SICACO 2019!
Dr.Lim, Cheong San, President of SICACO 2019
Mobile 82-10-5425-6115
http://dicaco.kongju.ac.kr / www.dicaco.com .

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