Exhibition of Graphic Humor Nomad, Forced Migration 2017, Spain

La Coordinadora d’ONGD I aMS and Humoràlia organize the Graphic Humor Show NOMADIC, Forced migration.
The aim of the exhibition is to carry out an awareness-raising campaign aimed at society to raise awareness of the causes of migration processes and to highlight the importance of the Right to Migrate as set out in the Charter of Emerging Human Rights. The graphic art is a visual journalistic genre of denunciation and civic commitment that seeks to contribute to the reflection, in this case the causes of forced migration.
1. Any professional artist or amateur can take part in the exhibition.
2. The exhibition topic is: FORCED MIGRATION: armed conflict, structural violence, post conflict situation, economical, environmental/ecological, ideological/policy, gender, sexual identity, ethnical, religious and/or cultural.
3. The Deadline for sending the works finishes on June 25, 2017.
4. The works may be carried out in any technique, with Din A4 format (210 mm x 297 mm) or proportional.
5. Participants may send a maximum of 3 works, in black and white or in colour, if it is possible without text. In case of including a text, this must be in Catalan, Spanish, English or French.
6. Works have to be sent by e-mail to odm@coordinadora-ongdlleida.cat to 300 dpi in JPG o JPEG format.
7. In the same e-mail, include a document containing the following information: Title of the work, name and surname, pseudonym, postal address, telephone (with the corresponding international prefix), e-mail, a brief CV and a photography or caricature of the author. The organization undertakes to confirm receipt of the work via e-mail.
8. Due to the character of the Exhibition, the selected works will be not rewarded with any economical amount. On the contrary, the organization undertakes to send by post mail 2 copies of the printed catalogs to the authors of the selected works.
9. An on-line catalog with the selected works will be edited and published on the website of the Coordinadora www.coordinadora-ongd-lleida.cat.
10. A jury made up of qualified specialists in Solidarity and Graphic Humour will make a selection of 50 works among the presented ones.
11. The jury’s decision will be unappealable.
12. The selected drawings will be part of an itinerant exhibition of Humoràlia i la Coordinadora d’ONGD i aMS de Lleida
13. The works, as are digitals, will not be returned.
14. The author’s participation in the contest implies permission for the work to join the works presented and take part in the publication in an exhibition and a virtual gallery. The only aim of that use is to raise awareness between the populations about the causes of migrations processes. The use of the work will have no lucrative purpose. In all media where the work is published, the author’s name will always be indicated.
15. Taking part in the Exhibition implies accepting the entire terms and conditions. The Jury will solve any doubt that can arise.
Regulation in languages on source.

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