1st International Seferihisar Cittaslow Cartoon Competition 2017, Turkey

Subject: Slow City
1- The competition is open to all cartoonists.
The cartoons submitted to the competition may have been published before, however the submitted drawings shall not been awarded in another competition.
3- The drawing style is free. Every cartoonist can join the competition by maximum 5 works. Original cartoons could be posted or works in .jpg format of 300 dpi suitable for printing would be accepted by e-mail. We are not responsible for works in different file formats or corrupted files.
4- The cartoons shall not exceed 30x40 cm dimensions.
5- The applicants shall write down their name, surname, address, country and phone number at the back of the cartoons. A short CV shall also be added in the same envelope/mail the cartoon is posted.
6- The cartoons shall be delivered to the following address before March 20, 2017.
Postal address: Mr. Ozgur Adana, Kultur Isleri Bolumu, Seferihisar Municipality Camiikebir mah.52/1 Sok no:1 Yeni Kültür Merkezi Seferihisar-Izmir Turkey
E-mail: oadana@seferihisar.bel.tr
7- The results will be announced on March 30th, 2017.
8- The original cartoons delivered to the committee, will not be returned to the applicants. The awarded and non-awarded cartoons could be published and used with cultural reasons by the Municipality. The applicants hereby accept these conditions. The cartoons will be preserved in Seferihisar Ani Evi (House with Cartoons).
9- The selected works by the jury will be displayed and published in the album.
10- The date of the award ceremony will be announced later. The awarded and the selected cartoons will be displayed in an exhibition in Seferihisar Ani Evi (House with Cartoon) starting at the same day of the award ceremony.
11- The special prize owners will be granted the accommodation and board expenses. The 1st, 2nd, 3rd prize owners will be granted travel, accommodation and board expenses. The person travelling with the participant shall cover the travel expenses by it’s own.
Toti Buratti
Gürbüz Doğan Ekşioğlu
Kamil Masaracı
Meral Onat
İzel Rozental
First Prize: One week accommodation in Euphoria Aegean Resort&Spa in Seferihisar (2 people) + Memorial plaque
Second Prize: One week accommodation in Club Resort Atlantis Otel (2 people) + Memorial plaque
Third Prize: One week accommodation in Teos Village Ecological Holiday Resort (2 people)+ Memorial plaque
Other Special Prizes: Special awards may be granted by various organisations.
NOTE: The jury will evaluate the submitted works on March 27, 2017.
Source: Seferihisar Belediyesi.

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