Winners in the 22nd International cartoon contest, Haifa 2016, Israel

Winners for the main category - Urban planning in large cities, Heavy traffic, Crowded roads
The 22nd International cartoon contest - Haifa 2016:
Grand Prix by the Mayor of Haifa to Konstantin Kazanchev, Ukraine (Top)
Victor Hulob, Ukraine – First Prize
Kostenko Alexander, Ukraine – Second Prize
Li Jingshan, China - Second Prize
Vadym Shevchenko, Ukraine - Third prize
Raul Fernando Zuleta, Colombia – Third Prize
Oleksy Kustovsky, Ukraine – Fourth Prize
Andrea Pecchia, Italy - Special Prize
Sergey Sichenko, Israel - Special Prize
Yuriy Borts, Israel - Appreciation Prize.
The winners for the second Category - Free Humor
The International cartoon contest - Haifa 2016:
Silvano Mello, Brazil - First Prize (Above)
Dr. Jan Tomashoff, Germany - Second Prize
Anatoli Radin, Russia - Third Prize
Angelo Campaner , Italy - Special Prize
Liviu Stanila, Romania - Special Prize
Kostenko Alexander, Ukraine - Special Prize
Jordan Pop Iliev, Macedonia - Award of Appreciation
Vladimir Stefovic beluga, Serbia - Award of Appreciation.
This report by Ronit Eshet, The Coordinator of the cartoon contest - Haifa 2016.

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