International Cartoon Contest: Politics and Sex 2015, Israel

1. The contest is open to all entrants.
2. Cartoons must meet the ethical and aesthetic standards of civilized society. No incitement to violence, racial or national discrimination, or scenes of violence and pornography.
3. In the event of rule breaking or overt plagiarism, entries will be removed from the contest without further discussion.
4. Method of execution is up to the entrant. Cartoons submitted in digital form will have the following formats: JPEG, A-4, 300 dpi. Author’s name, billing address and e-mail will be attached to the entry.
5. Maximum of three entries per participant.
6. Narration will be in English, but wordless entries are encouraged.
7. The contest will last for one month. Final submission date for entries is 4-th of July.
8. Entries will be published on the contest’s Facebook page and “Beseder?”’s website – beseder.ru
9. As well as entering a file into the contest, authors whose works will be chosen for the exhibition, must send in the original or a high quality copy in A-4 format by 4-th of August.
10. Cartoons must be watermarked in digital form.
11. Final results will come in on 12-th of July.
12. Exhibition of entries will be held in September-October of 2015. A catalog is planned by year’s end. Each author, whose work is included in the catalog, will receive one copy for free.
13. There are also plans for the auctioning of cartoons with the author receiving 50% of the profits for the sale of their work.
14. By entering the contest, the author of an entry accepts the terms and conditions, and agrees for their work to be published on the website beseder.ru, in promotions, social networks and the contest’s catalog. Having said that, the author retains their copyright for the work.
15. The originals and copies participating in the contest will not be returned to the author.
1-st place – 1000 USD + honorary diploma
2-nd place – 700 USD + honorary diploma
3-rd place – 500 USD + honorary diploma
10 works will be recognized with honorary diplomas.
Each participant in the catalog will receive an author’s copy.
Andrei Biljo, cartoonist
Victor Bogorad, cartoonist
Mark Galesnik, c. editor of the website beseder.ru
Michael Zlatkovsky, cartoonist
Sergei Tunin, cartoonist
Victor Shenderovich, satire writer
Lev Sheglov, professor of sexology.
Address for contest entries: beseder.cartoon@gmail.com 
Address for originals: Beseder, P.O.B. 3233 Jerusalem 91030 Israel .

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