Catalog 15th International Contest "Fax for Peace, Fax for Tolerance" 2010-2011, Italy

I got involved in the international contest "Fax for Peace, Fax for Tolerance" when I supervised a specialist graduation thesis of uncoming defence by a student from Spilimbergo at the Degree Course in Integrated Communication for Enterprises and Organizations of the University of Udine.
In this way I started my approach towards an initiative worthy of attention both for its noble social purposes and also because it has been possible to retrace the continuous evolution of the media used in the various editions, starting from the fax, which appears historically in the name of the award, up to the newest multimedia support.
The wide young audience who attended the closing ceremony of the event leads me to further consideration on the formative importance and on the very concept of "peace".
For a very long time peace has been fixed in a static vision, often memorized in a sequence of dates and events related to conflicts ("after a certain war the interrelated peace is signed"); actually, peace is identified with a dynamic notion closely tied to an active dialogue both inside the same community and internationally.
That is, peace implies activating positive communication processes among peoples beyond any barriers and geographical and, above all, mental borders; for young people, peace means being engaged in exploring social contexts with an open mind and living anytime a surplus-value approach to their own maturation process and to that cultural adventure called life.
Vincenzo Orioles
Professor of Glottology and Linguistics
at the University of Udine.
(*) Size: 21x21 cm.
96 color pages
Cover image: Paolo Coda
Printed in November 2011, Italy.

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