International Competition in Caricature Drawings, Vevkul 2015, R. MACEDONIA

In order to our 30th anniversary of the International Cultural and scientific Manifestation „Pecalbarski denovi“; this manifestation and „Vevecul 2015“ Vevcani’s cultural summer manifestation are signing an INTERNATIONAL COMPETITION IN CARICATURE DRAWINGS themed „Floodings, floodings…“
1. The right to participate to this competition have all those who draw caricatures and have a good sense of humor and satire;
2. The format and the number of drawings from one author is unlimited and it is decided by the author itself.
3. A jury will be made out of three members and the same jury will assign three awards:
– first prize – golden mask
– second prize – silver mask
– third prize – bronze mask.
The winners of the awards will also recieve a passport of the Karnival Republic of Vevchani and other presents.
4. From the awarded and selected drawings a show will be organized ( in the summer of 2015) in Vevcani.
5. The caricatures should be sent at the following address:
Municipality of Vevcani
(caricature competition)
6335 Vevcani
Republic of Macedonia
Sponsor for the International competition of Caricatures is the Municipality of Vevcani.
6. The competition is open by the ending date of 25th of December 2014.
7. The results of the jury will be announced at the 10th of January throughout the Media.
MKNM „Pechalbarski denovi“ and „Vevkul 2015“ – Vevcani.
Source: blog.zikison.

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