Didie SW: Response to the article by Bernard Bouton about Plagiarism


by Didie SW / Indonesia

I strongly agree with the opinion of Bernard Bouton from France, about the idea of ​​plagiarism. When the announcement of the contest rolling, at least the committee gave a deadline to the community with a month - not just limited to the top cartoonists course, be a painter or a photographer who observe or look through the website are welcome to comment on the work of the winner.

If we feel -- what is perceived by all cartoonists, that follow the race was a struggle !!! The struggle over the brain thought to look for wild ideas, the struggle of the time, and the struggle of a material in terms of delivery to the race committee. If we think that all the struggle was broken by a winner who is clearly involved plagiarism, it's very mentally undermine a cartoonist participants. Not only in terms of plagiarism. A judge who has "a cartoonist idol" who then chose his work to be "won" --- as a good introduction relations or friends, without seeing the work of other participants who have a better idea, also very unfortunate, arrogant!

But apart from that, honesty is the most important thing. As a cartoonist, I prefer "lost" in a fair race, rather than be a winner but his heart is dishonest and dirty ...

Didie SW / Indonesia

didiesw@yahoo.com .


U Smech said...

I'd add. In most contests winners advance known. This 10-15 cartoonists. From this and plagiarism and imitation group "leaders."

Julián Gabriel said...

If a plagiarism cartoon win, is because the jury vote to them. And if true the theme of the friends always win and many times they not deserved win.