Cartoon exhibition "a call for tolerance" in Egypt

Cartoon exhibition " a call for tolerance "
On the occasion of the International Day for Tolerance in collaboration with the "Tahrir Lounge"
The draft regulates the "tahrir lounge" of great festivity Goethe Institute on the occasion of the international day for tolerance on Wednesday at 5 pm at the Institute's headquarters in downtown. The celebration includes many events and activities aimed at raising public awareness of the importance of tolerance and acceptance of the other.
The event includes an exhibition of caricatures of leading illustrators of the Egyptian Association for comics, featuring a collection of cartoons that invites people to spread the principles of tolerance and acceptance of the other.
Participating artists: Mohamed Effat, Abdullah Basmaji, Samir Abdel Ghany, Fawzy Morsy, Emad Abdel Maksoud, Khader Hassan, Fady Abu El Hassan, Amina Kamel, Amnah El Hamade, Wessam Khalil, Adnan Jaber, Amr Abd El Atty, Saber Taha, Islam Al Qusi, Omar Seddik, Fadi George .

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