Invitation to the Competition „Dieter Burkamp Award for Caricature“ 2014, Germany

Invitation to the Competition „Dieter Burkamp Award for Caricature“ 2014, Germany
In rememberance of Dieter Burkamp (18.1.1940 - 15.6.2012) there will be for the first time an international competition of caricature. A Jury of experts will ascertain three winners from among the involved artists and
choose all works which are to be presented in an exhibition.
Dieter Burkamp has always been enthusiastic about the varied styles in caricature, this inspiring combination
of art and journalism. He collected, promoted, organized exhibitions, edited catalogues and fought for the artificial quality of satirical art in many jury sessions. Unforgotten the projects, he supported or founded: „Herman the German“; „Neighbours - German artists look at Poland, Polish artists look at Germany“; 100 years „Dropping the pilot“(„ Der Lotse geht von Bord“) in ‚Punch‘; „Ten New Europeans; Home -Confessions and Views“.
All his life Dieter Burkamp was thankful for the experience of numerous and deep friendships with artists and
organizers of the meetings of caricaturists. The award is dedicated to his legacy, first as a private initiative,
after a successful start may be continued on a more general base.
Who organizes this project of memory?
Gisela Burkamp, art historian, author, curator and more than 30 years leader of Kunstverein Oerlinghausen.
Dieter and she were journalist-collegues for 50 years, married 48 years and connected in the love for art their whole life.
Because Dieter Burkamp was an enthusiastic football viewer, too, the first Topic is - acccording to the football world championship:
„Down to the nitty-gritty“, („Vom Leder gezogen“), Football, Fan and Fantasy.
When? 28. June - 24. July 2014
Where? In the „Bürgerhaus“ and in the Synagogue of Kunstverein Oerlinghausen
How? Please send all works - only originals please (up to 40x30 cm) or high-quality and signed computerprints - from now on until 31 January 2014 at the latest to Gisela Burkamp, Auf der Helle 8, 33813 Oerlinghausen, Germany
And please add CD Rom for DIN A4, Jpg, Pdf 300 dpi, CMYK and RGB.
The first prize is endowed with 1000 Euro, the second with 600 Euro, the third with 400 Euro.
The artist‘s works will be sent back after the end of the exhibitions of course.
Participating in the competition the artists agree, that the exhibition may be shown at other places and cities if
these are interested.
For more infomations ask: gisela.burkamp@t-online.de
tel +49 (0) 52 02 . 63 35 or www.kunstverein-oerlinghausen.de.
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