Similarity Or Copy?!!

IranCartoon: The Meeting Of Considering The Similarity In The Results Of The 10th International Tehran Cartoon Biennial Was Organized By Members Of Selection And Jurors...
On Sunday July 7, 2013 the meeting of considering the similarity in the results of the 10th International Tehran Cartoon Biennial was organized by presence of the respected members of selection and jurors: Mr Kambiz Derambakhsh, Javad Alizadeh, Mohammad Hossein Niroumand, Ali Jahanshahi, Bahram Azimi, Bahram Arjmand nia, Jamal Rahmati and Mohammadreza Doust Mohammadi and receiving the ideas of foreign jurors: Mr Angel Boligan from Mexico and Eduardo Baptistao from Brazil by internet in Iranian House of Cartoon.
In this meeting after lots of consideration and debates the results were:
1- The first criticism was to the members of selection and jurors.
2- The other criticism was to the artist of the artwork that was not eligible enough for choosing the project.
3- In collection of all famous world artists similar artworks will be seen that’s the result of similarity and resemblance even in the works of Bosec and Chaval!
4- Its better that the selected artworks in the final section of the festival before their announcement show to public to prevent such mistakes. In all organized festivals in Iranian House of Cartoon one day before exhibition all the selected artworks show in the site of Iran Cartoon for public consideration.
5- Unfortunately it’s a few years that this debate is between people that they try to find similarity in the artworks of cartoonists and it’s more catching hand than positive criticism.
It’s obvious that none of the famous artists wants to copy an artwork by his own sign, because his profession will be ruined.
By attention to these cases at the end of meeting (9 jurors from 10) decided that Saeed Sadeghi's artwork is not copy and it just can be mentioned as similarity and he will take his prize.
Iran Cartoon hopes that the artists that are sensitive in similarity debate mention their criticism to the responsibles before announcing the results of the festivals, so we don’t see such cases in the future.

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Unknown said...

Ben bu durumu protesto ediyorum. Benzer karikatür İranlı arkadaşları olduğundan ödülü iptal etmemişler. Bundan sonraki yarışmalarda da önlem aldıklarına göre bu durumdan rahatsız olmuş İranlı arkadaşlar.
Yayınlar yaparak başka yarışmalarda bazı karikatürlerin ödüllerini iptal ettirmeyi başardılar. Tebrikler...