Catalog 14th International Open Cartoon Contest Zielona Gora, Poland 2012

Received the catalog of the 14th International Open Cartoon Contest Zielona Gora, Poland 2012. The catalog published in 2012 is 14.8x21 cm in size and has 110 color pages. According to Maia Radziszewska's "instead of an introduction", "the subject of the contest Plane-Airport-Flying turned out to be inspiring, and the works can be divided into groups, according to the main motives. There is a motive of flying as such, with brooms, angels, Icaruses, birds and fanciful aircrafts instead of planes. There are "cheap flights", air "trips", emergency landings and cartoons that show very complicated airport's functioning nowadays. Naturally, the artists could not omit the pilots, air hostesses and the passengers as well as the romantic and the less romantic aspects of sailing up. Many works also touch on politics and everyday customs."
Of the 11 participants from Turkey are selected 4 cartoonists, namely Erdoğan Başol, Recep Bayramoğlu, Musa Gümüş, and Tan Oral, whose published cartoons are included in this blog.

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