Winners of the Sardine Competition Festas de Lisboa 2013

The 10 winning sardines of the Sardine Competition Festas de Lisboa’13 were chosen among 6446 sardine tenders.
In 2013, the year the competition celebrates its 3rd edition and the Sardine’s 10th anniversary, received 6446 tenders from 3207 candidates, with ages between 7 months and 92 years old.
The totality of contestants represents 53 nationalities and 676 different locations.
Received 5400 sardines from Portugal, 209 from Brazil, 173 from Spain, 172 from Italy, 41 from Rumania, among sardines that came from Ukraine, Serbia, Angola, Bosnia, Cuba, India, Peru, Thailand, Japan or China.
The Jury, composed by Ana Bacalhau (lead singer of Deolinda), Luís Alegre (Ideias com Peso - Creative Director), Pedro Pires (Ivity - Creative Director), Jorge Silva (Silvadesigners) and Rita Castel-Branco (EGEAC), chose the 10 winning sardines, one of them in video.
The winners of the Sardine Competition 2013 are:
- Alberto Faria, 46 years, Portuguese
- Bernardo Anichini, 27 years, Italian
- Bruno Miguel Prezado da Silva, 37 years, Portuguese
- Dário de Sousa Santos, 22 years, Portuguese
- Hugo Alexandre Ribeiro Henriques, 31 years, Portuguese
- João Vieira Alves Ferreira Teigas, 32 years, Portuguese
- Leonor Brilha, 31 years, Portuguese
- Paloma Valdívia Barría, 35 years s, Chilean
- Susana Dulce de Sousa de Matos Marques, 39 years, Portuguese
- Yuichi Fukuda, 34 years, Japonese
Each winner receives a €1.000 prize (tax free) and their sardines will be the brand image of the communication campaign of Festas de Lisboa’13.
The 10 winning sardines can be seen at www.festasdelisboa.com.
Source: http://festasdelisboa.com/2013/en/PressAndWinners2013.pdf.

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