First International Niels Bugge Cartoon Contest,Viborg 2013, Denmark

First International Niels Bugge Cartoon Contest,Viborg 2013, Denmark
Cartoon theme: TO EAT OR NOT TO EAT
Deadline: March 25, 2013
1st Prize: 3.000 euro
2nd Prize: 2.000 euro
3rd Prize: 1.000 euro
Number of entries: max. 2
The caricaturists/cartoonists selected in the first round per e-mail sending, will be asked to send their originals by post for a specified deadline.
At the end of the second selection the prizewinners will be elected.
Each artist is allowed to send up to two works.
Digital: The digital works are admitted, but the print out must be signed by the artist (print number one, manual numbered).
(The copy or digital run-off of the original cartoon is not accepted.)
Format: A4
Works returned: yes
Exhibition: yes
Free catalogue: Yes, for every selected entrant
Copyright issues:
Organisers reserve the right to use the sent works for advertising purposes.
The copyrights will remain to the artists.
FECO overall rules rating: * * * * *
Address to send the artworks: cartoon@hae.de : for the first round: A4 Format, 300dpi (2480x3508 pixel).
Contact for further information
Web: http://www.hae.de/cartoon.
Source: fecocartoon.

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