Africa e Mediterraneo Award for Best Unpublished Comic Strip by African Author

Rules for the Africa e Mediterraneo Award for Best Unpublished Comic Strip by African Author 2011-2013
Deadline for the 2011-2013 edition: 15th of November 2012.
1. Africa e Mediterraneo is launching a competition for best unpublished comic strip. The competition is open to African citizens living in or outside Africa (both North and Sub-Saharan Africa), with three sections: "FOOD SOVEREIGNTY", "INTERNET AND SOCIAL NETWORKS IN AFRICA " and "FREE SUBJECT".
2. The "FOOD SOVEREIGNTY" section concerns comics linked to food diversity and food safety concept, to the sustainable agriculture and its potential both from an environmental and a social point of view, as well as investigations on the most important environmental thematic such as energy preservation, the problem of water resources and natural resources shortage. The section “INTERNET AND SOCIAL NETWORKS IN AFRICA” is linked to the development of the new communication technology and to its dissemination in the contemporary society, especially related to the fundamental role of the social networks and the links between them and the youth participation (we can take into consideration the protest movements during the “Arab spring” and the dissemination of information inside and outside the countries). The "FREE SUBJECT" section allows authors to freely choose the subject.
3. Comics must be original, unpublished, in B/W and/or in colour; maximum format is 30 x 42cm. The technique is free. Artwork with texts in Arabic or African languages must have a translation in English, French, Portuguese or Spanish. Authors can send a maximum of 3 comics for each section (“FOOD SOVEREIGNTY”, “INTERNET AND SOCIAL NETWORKS IN AFRICA" and “FREE SUBJECT”). The original artwork, along with the application form and a brief CV, must be sent by post. In case of 2 or more participants, everyone has to fill out the application form and indicate its role (drawings, story, colours). The original artworks have to be sent to the following address:
Concorso "Africa e Mediterraneo"
Via Gamberi, 4
40037 Sasso Marconi
4. Prizes. A single prize for each category will be awarded. The winners of the sections "FOOD SOVEREIGNTY", "INTERNET AND SOCIAL NETWORKS IN AFRICA" and "FREE SUBJECT" will receive 500 Euros.
The deadline for the receipt of artworks is 15th November 2012. The jury will then select the winners for each section. The participants will accept the possible publication of their comics on the website www.africacomics.net . The best pieces of work will be published in a collective catalogue by the Lai-momo Cooperative and the Africa e Mediterraneo Association, and will be included in an itinerant exhibition that will be exposed in Italy and Europe.
5. Comic strip specialists and editors of the Africa e Mediterraneo journal will compose the jury.
6. Participation in the contest is completely free of charge.
7. The prizewinners will be contacted, and all participants will receive information about the contest by e-mail. The materials sent will be returned on demand, at the charge of the author; alternatively they will be stored in “Africa e Mediterraneo” archive, which may decide to publish them and include them in national and international exhibitions.
Africa e Mediterraneo
Via Gamberi, 4
I - 40037 Sasso Marconi (BO) Italy
Tel: + 39 051 840166
Fax: +39 051 6790117

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