Violation of the regulations brings disqualification in Satyrykon Legnica 2012

Announcement of Satyrykon Jury verdict change
Legnica Culture Centre would like to inform that there have been noted two cases of serious abuse and violation of the competition regulations relating to works which were awarded by Satyrykon - Legnica 2012 Jury.
The untitled work sent in by Mr Valentin Georgiev, which was awarded Grand Prix, happens to be an almost calque copy of ideas used in previous years by other authors, in works which were awarded at international festivals. The jury and the competition organizers have in harmony agreed to disqualify the work. According to jurors' opinions the work is a case of an unacceptable usage of other people's ideas. Satyrykon organizers remain in complete agreement with the jury views.
Mr Pol Leurs's work ”Blue door”, which was awarded a bronze medal and 3rd prize in section: Joke, has violated point 3 of the competition regulations concerning the participation conditions, which sounds as follows: ”WORKS AWARDED IN OTHER COMPETITIONS will be excluded from the competition SATYRYKON”. As the work has already been awarded in MASTER CUP competition organized in China in 2011., similarly to the first case, the jury has also made a decision to disqualify the work, which has been fully supported by the organizers.
Due to the facts mentioned above, the jury has decided to award Grand Prix to the next pretending work in the competition, that is the untitled work by Mr Grzegorz Szumowski (Top). Such jury decisions have also resulted with some other changes presented below:
3rd prize in section: Joke has been finally awarded to Mr Lex Drewiński for his untitled work. The distinction has been awarded to Mr Alessandro Gatto for his work ”Supreme Bank”. 1st prize in section: Satire goes to Mr Grzegorz Stańczyk for his work ”Hunting”, 2nd to Mr Stanisław Koguciuk for his work ”Poverty-indigence-crisis”, 3rd to Jugoslav Vlahović for his work ”Flower bomb”, and the distinction award goes to Ms Małgorzata Lazarek for her work ”Logo Man”.
Comment on the Satyrykon jury final verdict
”The art that has no morale loses its sense and power. People's own, unique and inimitable ideas are the essence of any kind of creation. We have awarded the prizes and distinctions trusting in beauty, good and truth. I do still trust in them” - these are the words addressed to Satyrykon by a noble, honest and righteous man, a uniquely talented, fine artist Marek Stanielewicz.
He was one of the jurors of this year's Satyrykon edition, and he has sent those words on hearing the works awarded included the ones that should not have received their prizes. Their authors have acted in an unacceptable way by attempting to deceive the organizers, jurors, fellow artists and the public. They have not made an effort and chosen to be dishonest in order to show their names in spotlights of one of the most important world satirical events which Satyrykon is. There has been no other way of act as to change the verdict and take the awards away from dishonest artists who have not deserved them.
One can feel only sorry that cases like that still happen, and it is really sad that there have been more than just the two revealed after the jury's verdict this year. It is sad that as early as at registration stage, some works sent to Satyrykon happen to be rejected as they should not have been even posted to Legnica. I doubt there is any competition organizer in the world capable of recognizing all such cases. I feel sorry to face that shameless challenge.
Fortunately, it is just a margin. Fortunately, majority of people understand what being honest means. Fortunately, there are people in the world who oppose unfairness and have helped us to reveal such cases and stigmatize them this year. We would like to thank them because, similarly to Marek Stanielewicz, most of all, we believe in beauty, good and truth.
Grzegorz Szczepaniak
Director of Legnica Culture Centre
Source: http://www.satyrykon.pl/en/menu.php?ID=news
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