Results 1st International Contest for Social Illustration 2011, Argentina

Winners for 1IS11
More than 300 works in competition, 115 illustrators, 38 countries represented on 5 continents. The 1st International Contest for Social Illustration exceeded our expectations. Works of outstanding quality gave to the Jury a really task to decide.
Finally, November 15th held the opening of the Exhibition and the Awards of 1IS11 at the Grand Hotel Bariloche. It unveiled the 3 selected works and Special Mentions.
The Winners:
- 1st Place Titled: "Rich and Poor" Ferreol Murillo - Costa Rica (Above)
- 2nd Place Titled: "Survival is Being Challenged" Chen Yong An - China
- 3rd Place Titled: "Dead Silence" Diego Martinez – Argentina
Special Mentions:
- 我 的 家庭 (漫画) Li Xiaoyang - China
- "Human Rights" Medi Belortaja - Albania
- "Solidiarty & the cooperatin" Said Baraka – Sudan
The first Social Illustration Exhibition is being held in the city of St. C. Bariloche - Patagonia - Argentina, at the Grand Hotel Bariloche (Mitre 408). We invite you to visit. Admission is free.
From the Collective Fuseres.Org as 1IS11 organizers! We are working on a Digital Catalogue of the exhibition.
Thanks to all those involved for making this possible!
See all winning cartoons on source:

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