4th International Caricature Competition Nota Bene 2011, Russia

4th International Caricature Competition Nota Bene 2011, Russia
The project is a collaborative effort by the The Artliga Gallery, the Independent Culture Organization and the Museum of Nonconformist Art continue to develop the project, with support from Department of Culture of the City Administration of St. Petersburg.
"Nota Bene or Pay Attention!"
The project's goal is to raise awareness of social problems, which are the cause for concern in Russia and around the world.
This goal is achieved by capitalizing on the creative power of artists from all around the world by organizing an international caricature competition. Selected entries will be shown in exhibitions. Top entries will be awarded prizes and artists will likely see their work used in awareness campaigns.
The project started with the "Beware: Nazism!" exhibition which took place in 2005.
The second exposition "Watch Out: Femida!" was held in 2006.
The third exhibition "Danger:Corruption" took place in 2008.
Participants included artists from Brazil, Uzbekistan, Spain, Turkey, Kazakhstan, Poland, Serbia, Montenegro, Bulgaria, Germany, Israel, USA, Italy, Armenia, Sweden, the Netherlands, Belgium, Ukraine, Slovakia, China, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Australia, Iran, Bosnia and Russia.
All of the exhibitions are available on the internet at http://www.notabene.org.ru/, where they have been viewed by more than 60,000 people, who left more than 140,000 comments.
The best artwork was displayed at exhibitions in St. Petersburg and Moscow (The House of Journalists, The Andrei Sakharov Museum and Center, and the Museum of Nonconformist Art).
The project’s success convinced us that it needs to continue.
Thus, the topic of our latest international competition is:"CAUTION: PEOPLE"
We hope the artists can summon enough humor in order to show us a hilarious, multifaceted, contradiction view of the phenomenon known as the contemporary person and a contemporary society.
1. Entries must be submitted by August 1, 2011.
2. The competition will be held at the Pushkinskaya 10 Art Center, 10 Pushkinskaya Ulitsa, St. Petersburg.
3. Exhibition will be displayed at:
The Artliga Gallery,10 Pushkinskaya Ulitsa, St. Petersburg.
4. The jury will evaluate and award entries with prizes. The entry that receives the most online votes will also be awarded a prize.
1st prize – 50 000 RUB
2nd prize – 45 000 RUB
3rd prize – 35 000 RUB
The Viewers Choice Award (determined by online voting at http://www.notabene.org.ru/) – 15 000 RUB.
Each contributor will receive a certificate participation and an exhibition catalog. The catalog will be sent to a number of Russian libraries and public organizations.
5. The format is open. Participants not based in St. Petersburg can submit their works electronically on CD/DVD. Submissions made by e-mail should be either in TIFF or JPEG format and have a resolution of at least 300 DPI.
6. Submissions are not returned. After the competition, the work of the participants will be sent to the fund of the Museum of Contemporary Art, and the "Nota Bene" project will receive the right for the non-commercial use of their art. Artists are required to allow Artliga to publish their submissions free of charge in a catalog and other non-commercial publications.
7. The act of submitting a work to the competition will constitute that the artist(s) agrees and accepts these conditions.
Mailing address:
10 Pushkinskaya Street, Office 1, 191049, St. Petersburg, Russia
Email address for questions or submissions: mailto:uar@notabene.org.ru?subject=Completition
Presiding Jurors: Victor Bogorad, Yuly Rybakov.
For more information call: +7 (812) 764-5371, fax: +7 (812) 764-52-07
Source: http://notabene.org.ru/

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