1st International Cartoon Contest "Smile tomorrow!" Ozersk 2011, Russia

Rules of the I International Cartoon Contest "Smile tomorrow!" Ozersk, 2011.
The founders of the competition:
Ural club cartoonists "CRANBERRY";
Newspaper "School compass."
Organizing Committee:
Sarantsev Gregory M., editor of "Compass School";
Chernyshev, Nikolai Fedorovich, president of the club "CRANBERRY".
Participation accept all comers, regardless of gender, age, political or religious beliefs, nationality and citizenship.
Competition Jury:
The competition jury is formed of professional cartoonist and the organizing committee.
Competition Schedule:
To participate in the competition must:
Send work to the address:
s_kompas@ozersk.com (see "Requirements for Work"), be sure to specify the subject "Smile tomorrow!",
And in a letter to include your name, age, country and city of residence, contact telephone number.
Or: to send work to the postal address:
456780, Russia, Ozersk, Chelyabinsk region. Str. Quay, 21, sq.. 163, Sarantseva GM with a cover letter, which give their name, age, country and city of residence, E-mail, contact telephone number.
Winners of the competition are determined in two age groups: Young (18 years) and Master (19 years and older) based on Internet voting and the jury. Jury has the right to impose additional nominations for the promotion of talented authors.
To vote:
- Visit the site http://www.kompas.ozersk.com/ to "Smile tomorrow!", An album with drawings;
- Hover your mouse over the bottom right corner of the picture and follow the link "View details";
- Vote on a 5-point scale for the best work.
Note: once you vote, your ability to vote for the same job is blocked.
The prize fund is formed by means of sponsorships and other sources.
Works sent to the contest will not be returned. As a result of the contest produced a directory organized exhibition. The contest covered by the media.
Requirements for work:
We only accept in any technology (including computer graphics and photography bulk operations).
Technical Requirements: picture format A4, 300 dpi, file format * jpg.
Work with indecent content, promotion of war and violence, cruelty or hatred, or offending the honor and dignity, to participate in the competition will not be admitted!
Dates of competition
Reception hours: from 01.01.2011 to 15.07.2011.
Internet voting: from 01.01.2011 to 30.07.2011.
Awarding of winners: August 2011 at the festival "ZhURavlenok".
The results of the competition are published on the Internet and other media. The time and venue of the awards ceremony will be announced later.
GoogleTranslated from source: http://www.kompas.ozersk.com/smile_to_the_future/about.php .

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