International Festival of aphorism & caricature - Strumica 2011

C O N T E S TTheme :
C A R N I V A L – E R O T I C A
Aphorism:In this category each author can participate with maximum of 10 aphorisms, printed in three copies, completed with code and particulars about the author, and set in sealed envelope.
The authors are allowed to participate with more works, each as group of 10(ten) aphorisms and marked with particular code.
Caricature:In this category, the authors can participate and send 3 caricatures, maximum.
The technique is on their own choice, and dimensions A/4.
Particulars about the authors should be written at the back side of the work.
Contest due date:
The works will be accepted up to: February 05, 2011, at latest.
Awards:Three main prizes will be awarded: Golden, Silver and Bronze Plaque.
The Organizer retains the right to award some additional prizes.
Address:The works should be send to:
NUCK “Anton Panov’
Blvd. “Goce Delcev” bb
2400 Strumica, R Macedonia

with note: To the Festival of aphorism and Caricature.
The works received ,remain in property of the Organizer and the author,
and they have the right to its public presentation, catalogue prepare or other publication.
The works received in due time will be reviewed and evaluated by competent jury commission.
The presentation of the works –exhibition and the Reward Ceremony will come to: March 07, 2011.
Contact -Further information
Tel: ++389 (0)34 322 182
E-mail: trimerotikon@yahoo.com

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