Warning from Irancartoon about fake competitions

False Competitions!!
We recently see many competitions that have no evidence for being credible, and become a reason for unreliability and confusion of world artists.
We can mention Sun Shine competition as one of these kinds of contests. We see many problems in this Contest that shows its falseness.
1) In all Japanese contests, some of the Jurors are Japanese, but in this contest they don’t have even one Japanese Juror.
2) The entry form to participate in this Competition is not in Japanese Language, and this is an unusual process.
3) The prizes of this Competition are really unbelievable and are even more than closed Yomiuri Shimbon Competition.
4) This competition by the great prizes even doesn’t have a website for giving information, and they just gave one Email address.
5) Responsible of this False competition don’t give any answer to our correspondence, and don’t response our questions.
So it’s obvious that such Competitions are unreliable, and we can’t rely on them.
Iran cartoon Site by its professional activities and to lighten the mind of world cartoonist condemns these delusive activities and ask cartoonists by not participating in such contests confront them.
Source: irancartoon

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