Posting the catalog Nasreddin Hodja 2009 & brochure 2010

29th International Nasreddin Hodja Cartoon Contest 2009 catalog is posted yesterday to the selected artists.
We met at the association center and prepared the bubblebag envelopes including the catalogs for the post. All the participants will receive the new brochure of the contest 2010: we have sent that as well.
It was a heavy job for the day being national holiday and the International Children’s Holiday (April 23), there were few workers on duty at the main post office in Sirkeci, Istanbul and they were very busy esp with the international phone calls. We posted the catalogs to Brasil, China, and the like far countries by airmail and others by surface mail. It took all day long to finish our voluntary work.
By the way, the Grand Prize of the contest is increased to $ 5.000.- this year! And the theme is FREE THEME as usual.

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Elcio Prado said...

Hi Kemal
We are together in the exhibition catalog at workers' rights held in March of the current year in Lisboa and it´s a pleasure to follow your blog and your work.I would like you to give your opinion about my cartoons.
Congratulations for your excellent cartoons!
Regards ...