New exhibit of cartoons promoting peace

New peace exhibit opens in Israel
A new exhibit to promote peace and reconciliation will be opening in Israel on September 12. The exhibit initiated by The Parents Circle - Families Forum features original cartoon art by Pat Oliphant, Jeff Danziger, Liza Donnelly, Jim Morin and Palestinian cartoonist Baha Bukhari of Ramallah. The exhibit will also travel to the United States and Europe.
The display is being curated by Michel Kichka, chairman of Israel's Cartoonists Association. Kichka said," The Parents Circle has taken upon itself a challenging and difficult task. Peace, reconciliation and tolerance are goals that seem unattainable in the morning, closer than ever in the afternoon and far off in the evening."
Over 500 families are members of the Parents Forum, with an equal number of Palestinians and Israelis. The forum offers a different approach using personal meetings and sharing personal stories with the joint aim of putting an end to violence, hatred and lack of trust.
Cartoons from the exhibit by Andrzej Krauze (above) and Ares (below).

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