(CANCELLED!!!) 9th International Mediterranean Cartoon Contest, Alanya 2009 with Free theme

1- The Contest is organized by Alanya Tourism & Promotion Foundation and it is open to the cartoonists worldwide.
2- The works contributed to this contest may have been published before; however, they should not have received any prize in any type of contest.
3- The technique and quantity of works are free. However, all works must be original. Digital prints will be accepted as long as they have been originally signed by the artist. Photocopies will not be accepted.
4- If there is any script involved, it should either be in English or Turkish.
5- The size should not exceed 30 x 40 cm.
6- Participants should write their names, family names, country, address and telephone number(s) in capital letters on the back of their works and they should enclose a short biography either in English or Turkish.
7- The contributions should be received by the following address prior to October 1, 2009:
Alanya Turizm Tanıtma Vakfı,
Atatürk Caddesi Şen Apt. No: 51/6,
07400 Alanya / Turkey

8- The results of the contest will be announced on October 03, 2009.
9- Works sent to the contest will not be sent back to the participants. All works submitted whether they are given a prize or not can be used or published in cultural activities. On the other hand the copyright in commercial usage is belonged to the artist. All of the participants are considered to have accepted these conditions.
10- Some of the cartoons may be exhibited in Alanya along with the prize-winning works for a week after the ceremony.
11- If the contributions are collected and published in an album by Alanya Tourism and Promotion Foundation, the participants will receive a copy.
12- The prize ceremony will be held in Alanya on October 24, 2009.
Ercan Akyol (cartoonist), Cihan Demirci (cartoonist), Faik Melih Kaptanoglu (Tourism – Chairman of Alanya Tourism & Promotion Foundation), Mahmut Karatoprak (cartoonist-painterartist), Natasa Kostovska (cartoonist - Macedonia), Kamil Masaracı (cartoonist), Nuvit Ozkan (Tourism), Kamil Deniz Som (Journalist), Ibrahim Tapa (cartoonist).
1st Prize: 2500 USD + Flyticket for one Person round trip + Holidays in Alanya for 2 Person (All Inclusive)
2nd Prize: 1500 USD + Flyticket for one Person round trip + Holidays in Alanya for 2 Person (All Inclusive)
3rd Prize: 1000 USD + Flyticket for one Person round trip + Holidays in Alanya for 2 Person (All Inclusive).
WEB: http://www.alanya.cc/tr/Karikatur-Yarismasi/769-9.Uluslararasi-Akdeniz-Karikatur-Yarismasi.html
This competition is cancelled (29 August 2009) after the resignation of the jury members: http://www.radikal.com.tr/Radikal.aspx?aType=RadikalDetay&ArticleID=952028&Date=29.08.2009&CategoryID=82

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