22nd Humor Exhibition of Volta Redonda - Brazil

22nd Salão de Humor de Volta Redonda / BRAZIL
REGISTRATION: May 18 to June 15, 2009
Opening: July 2 (Thursday) - until August 2
LOCATION Espaço das Artes Zélia Arbex (Vila Santa Cecilia)
1) The works must be: unpublished, and should be presented in the vertical direction, format 30 cm x 40 cm in five (5) arrangements:
- Cartoon
- Political cartoon
- Caricature
- Comics
- Special - Theme: ECONOMIC CRISIS
2) Each competitor may participate in the five (5) procedures, with only 1 (one) work for category.
3) The category "comics" to be presented with only one page, in the vertical direction.
4) Warning - Only original works will be accepted, photocopies or reproductions will not be allowed into your computer.
5) On the back of each work shall contain the following information: mode entered, the author's full name, complete address with zip code, telephone number, CIC, identity, bank data and e-mail.
6) The work may be placed in person or by post, drawing the date of 15 June 2009.
7) The work must be directed to the following address:
22° Salão de Humor de Volta Redonda
Secretaria Municipal de Cultura - Ilha São João
CEP 27291.290 Volta Redonda - RJ BRAZIL
OBS.: From May 5 the complete regulation of the 22nd of Humor Hall of Volta Redonda will be sent to all registered cartoonists.
Website: www.geocities.com/salaovredonda
Information: fred.smc@epdvr.com.br
Telephone: (24) 3339.4207 or 3339.4209
Source: brazilcartoon

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