Results 2nd Corum International Cartoon Contest 2008

The 2nd Corum International Cartoon Contest 2008 (Turkey) with theme “Are we going to burn or freeze?” concludes. According to the announcement made by cartoonist Sonmez Yanardag, Corum representative of the Association of Cartoonists, one of the organisers of the contest with Corum Municipality and Corum Journalists Association; 172 artists from 19 countries sent in 320 cartoons for the competition: http://picasaweb.google.com.tr/syanardag/YanacakMYZDonacakMYZ
First Prize: Askin Ayrancioglu – Turkey
Second Prize: Rumen Dragostinov - Bulgaria
Third Prize: Alaattin Cevikbas - Turkey
Mention 1: Kursat Zaman - Turkey
Mention 2: Muammer Kotbas - Turkey
Mention 3: Oleksiy Kustovskiy - Ukraine
Special Prize of Corum Representative Branch of the Association of Cartoonists: George Mitides – Southern Cyprus
The date of prize-giving ceremony and the inauguration of the exhibition to be announced soon.

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