Austrian Cartoon Award 2008

Austrian Cartoon Award 2008
conditions of participation
1.) General Information
The contest is open to all cartoonists and illustrators worldwide. Applicants can be either professionals or amateurs and must be 18 years of age by the date of application. Up to a maximum of three submissions will be accepted by each participant.
The theme of the contest is soccer and is split into two categories:
1.) Humor
2.) Portrait
The Audience Award will be a separate competition. The final 120 nominations from the category "humor" and "portrait" and the final 10 cartoons from the Audience Voting (first round) will be rated in a separate category (look at point 5.).
Previously awarded works can not take part in the competition.
2.) Entry application
Entries must be submitted either via post and adressed to “Austrian Cartoon Award 2008” c/o Werbeagentur MorréSchmiedlstrasse 1A-8042 Graz/Austria/Europe
or online under http://www.cartoonaward.com/
Only application forms filled in correctly will be accepted.
Entry-form: http://www.cartoonaward.com/pdf/entryform.pdf
3.) Procedure
1st round
All entries for this award must be received on or before 28th February 2008 either online or via post (only copies!) to be considered by the ACA Jury. The best 120 nominations of the first round will qualify for the final and deciding round of the Austrian Cartoon Award 2008.
final round
All participants of the final round will be notified either via e-mail or post. Originals must be signed and submitted latest by the 20th march 2008 - copies or prints will not be accepted!Should the deadline not be met, the application will be disqualified and the following best entry from the first round will be nominated to take part in the final round.
From the final 120 nominations the jury will select the best three in each category. Finalist will receive a written notification and be invited as guests to the award winning ceremony in Graz/Austria.
4.) Jury
Jury members are caricaturists, soccer player, artists and media representatives. The decisions of the judges are final and irrevocable.
5.) Audience Award
All 130 nominations of the final round will also be displayed online under www.cartoonaward.com between 20th january 2008 and 20th may 2008.
Every online registered visitor can select his favourite artists from the shortlist of nominations and submit up to three votes. The entry with the highest score will be awarded the “Audience Prize” and win a prize-money of EUR 1.500,-.
6.) The ACA Cartoon Award Annual 2008
The M+N Medienverlag (publisher) will publish the 130 best cartoons in the ACA Annual.
Each contestant who donates his original piece of art to the exhibitor receives a free of charge ACA Annual.
7.) Copyright
Through the participation in the ACA contest the right of advertisments such as publications in the Annual, catalogues, newspapers etc. is given to the awards organiser.The submitted originals of the prizewinning contestants remain with the host, all other works will be returned upon request.
entry your cartoons
First round:
Submission of cartoons
Requirements for online entries:
• Maximum size 15 x 20 cm (vertical or horizontal format)
• Colour profile: Bitmap, grayscales or RGB
• 240 to 300 dpi resolution
• dataformat: JPEG, JPG (maximum)
• max. data volume: 1,5 MB
Requirements for entries via post:
copies or prints (no originals for the first round), black and white or colour on paper
• minimum size 21 x 30 cm (A4 vertical or horizontal format
• maximum size 30 x 42 cm (A3 vertical or horizontal format)
The name of the contestant and the titel of the entry have to be indicated on the reverse side of each submission.
Final round: Submission of the best 120 original cartoons
Measurements of the originals
• minimum 21 x 30 cm (A4 vertical or horizontal format)
• maximum 30 x 42 cm (A3 vertical or horizontal format)
The name of the contestant and the titel of the entry have to be indicated on the reverse side of each submission.
Only cartoons on paper and on no other materials can take part in the competition.
It is required that every entry conforms to the stated limits and size before it can be given jury consideration.
posting of originals:
• flat not folded and placed between two pieces of carton
• or rolled up
The host can not be made liable for any damage caused by posting or caused during the exhibition.

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