V The Competition of a Caricature and a Short Comic Strip, "V KIKS Zikison 2010"

V The Competition of a Caricature and a Short Comic Strip, "V KIKS Zikison 2010"
Continuous web competition from now on the front pages Zikison.net & KIKS.net & Comics-Stripovi-ExYu ... Unique in the world, respected friends, send your cartoons and comics!
http://www.zikison.net/ , http://www.kiks.site90.net/, http://www.zikison-weekly.comoj.com/ , http://www.comics-stripovi-exyu.blogspot.com/ and The Satirical Manufactory "Zikison" are announcing in the categories, the themes:
1. PORTRAIT (within cartoon shape): "Zivojin Pavlovic ZIKISON" (famous cartoonist, satiric, editor and publisher of satiric magazine from Serbia), Radoje Domanovic (the most famous satire writer of all times in SERBIA), Jaroslav Hašek (famous writer of the antiwar satire „Good soldier Svejk“ from CZECH REPUBLIC) and Stanisław Jerzy Lec (establisher and founder of the modern world aphorism from POLAND) and WITHOUT WORDS. How cartoonists sees them, "ZIKISON" and his age, technology-free, for all three categories of works to send the full?
1. PORTRAIT cartoon
Zivojin Pavlovic ZIKISON, (1885 - 1950) Was a Satirist, a caricaturist, an editor, a publisher, and a printer. Between two wars in Serbia he was an actuator, a Co – Author editor of many newspapers for humor and satire. He has been suffering and imprisoned by Communist Regime in 1949. Soon after that torture and seizing his property, he was died in 1950.
Stanisław Jerzy Lec, (6 March 1909 – 7 May 1966) (born Baron Stanisław Jerzy de Tusch-Letz) was a Polish poet and aphorist of Polish and Jewish noble origin. Often mentioned among the greatest writers of post-WW2 Poland, he was one of the most influential aphorists on the 20th century.
Lyrical poetry, sceptical philosophical-moral aphorisms, often with a political subtext.
Jaroslav Hašek, (April 30, 1883 – January 3, 1923) was a Czech humorist and satirist best known for his novel The Good Soldier Švejk, an unfinished collection of farcical incidents about a soldier in World War I, which has been translated into sixty languages. He also wrote some 1,500 short stories. He was a journalist, bohemian, and practical joker. His short life had many odd parallels with another Prague contemporary, the Jewish writer Franz Kafka (1883–1924).
Radoje Domanovic, (February 4, 1873 - August 4, 1908) was a Serbian writer and teacher, most famous for his satirical short stories. In 1899, he published two collections of short stories and his famous story "Danga" first appeared. The following year, he got a post as a clerk in the State's Archive. In 1902, after he published "Stradija", he was again dismissed from his post. He started writing editorials for magazine "Odjek" ("Reflection"). After the coup in 1903, Domanovic returned to his post, and soon got a stipend to work on his stories. It was rumoured that the coup saved his life, since he was on a list for liquidation of the previous government. In 1904, he started a magazine "Stradija", that had 35 editions.
2. Caricature WITHOUT WORDS - FREE, free technique.
The competition will be opened and free for all of the professionals and amateurs, for affirmed and unknown authors from 7 to 77 years of age, for all people on this planet but in the case if someone appears from other planet then we will become the first interplanetar competition.
First prize in all three categories, the presentation of the special page http://www.zikison.net/ Weekly electronic journal ZIKISON and http://www.kiks.site90.net/ kiks (Caricature and Short Comic Cartoon). All authors whose works jury selects, will be presented in your gallery Zikison.net and KIKS.net. All authors whose works are going to be selected by the jury will get ŽIKIŠON Charter or Diploma.
Works can be sent by E-mail zikison@zikison.net & zikison.mazos@gmail.com & kiks.zikison@yahoo.com with author’s short biography and photography. All of received works will not be returned to the senders. The organization of this project keeps the right for using and publishing of received works for the organization’s needs.
Deadline: No deadline (Permanent Exhibition)
The competition is open Non-Stop!
(Results: December 2010 / January 2011)
Jury for "V KIKS Zikison 2010", January 2010 in Paracin, SERBIA - For The SRZ /SRŽ & KIKS Zikison: Zoran Matic Mazos, & ...
Zoran Matic Mazos, Graphical designer & Satirist and Cartoonist
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