3rd International Sporthumor, the Smile Olympics

Theme: All Sports (Football, Cycling, Athletics, Boxing, Motorcycling, Skiing, Motor Racing, Swimming, Running, Speedboat Racing, Basketball, Baseball, etc...)
Sections: Cartoon and Caricature.
Size: A4 (21x30 cm) only.
Works: Originals "without words", done using the freestyle technique. The digital works, printed on paper with original signatures, participate in the competition.
Maximum 3 works.
Deadline: 28 FEBRUARY 2010
A prize of 2.500 € will be given to the artist who receives the most votes from the public.
500 € will be given to the most interesting and funny digital work by a technical committee.
The most deserving and representative works will form part of a coloured catalogue specially created and sent free of charge to all the published authors.
The works sent could be used to promote the event.
The works sent will not be returned but form the basis for a future International Humor Museum.
Address: Emilio Isca, Via Dante 4, 10098 RIVOLI/TO - ITALIA
Responsible: Emilio Isca. Phone-Fax: +39 011 2483046 emilioisca@libero.it
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