Carica..ter International Cartoon Contest – Arabcartoon

Carica..ter International Cartoon Contest – Arabcartoon
Arabcartoon website invites you to participate in international cartoons contest: Carica..ter *
Theme: How the cartoonist sees himself, and how people see him?
Few days before New Year, two daily Jordanian newspapers, inform 5 cartoonists they will be fired at the New Year!!
What kind of relation between the cartoonists and the journalism, editor in chiefs, etc.
- Open to all cartoonists, all over the world.
- Deadline: 30 March 2010
- Each cartoonist can submit a max of 2 cartoon works
- A4 size. 150 dpi.
- Only JPEG format.
- Black & white or colored, any style, any technique will be accepted.
- The text should be in Arabic or English languages
- All cartoons must send in one e-mail, attached with the following entry-form: Here
- The first winner will be awarded a symbolic award, one month cartoonist salary equal to 422 $, and other awards.
- Competition organizers have the right to use the participated cartoons for non-profit tendencies.
- Send your cartoons to: ter@arabcartoon.net
Who we can make the cartoon is the tools and the subject in same time?
*carica..ter: is a combination between a "cartoons" and "go away" in Arabic language.
Source: tabrizcartoons

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