Final List of Winners in TALIDE's "Just Explain it Simply"

Minutes of Jury Meeting about exclusion and changes concerning the winners of the competition for cartoons and caricatures „JUST EXPLAIN IT SIMPLY – FINANCIAL CRISIS AND POVERTY“
Date: 29 December 2009
Jury: Osgit Cárdenas, Peter Bauer, Michael Klamp
The jury members have come to the unanimous decision to divest Mr MASOUD ZIAEI ZARDKHASHOEI (registration number 96) the 1st prize as he conflicted with the conditions for participation in point 4. His work had been proposed already to the „Cartoonale Brugge Cartoon Contest 2009 - Crisis!“ and had also been awarded there.. Ref: http://cultuur.brugge.be/CartoonaleBrugge09/Index.html 
The Jury has decided in an unanimous decision to change the awards as following: 
1st prize WESAM KHALIL (registration number 64) 
2nd prize REGGE VOM SCHULZENHOF (registration number 49) 
3rd prize HORACIO PETRE (registration number 116) 
Osgit Cárdenas - Peter Bauer - Michael Klamp. 
minutes: Hartmut Porsch.

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