Sad news: Pyotr Kulinich passed away on January 20

Pyotr Kulinich passed away on January 20, 2010
He was born in 1950. He lives and works in Sochi - a Russian health resort on the Black Sea coast. He has published many thousands of his works in the central and local press of Russia and abroad since 1970. A number of books, collections of humorous drawings was done, among them: "Do you have a sense of... humour?" (Krasnodar, Russia), "The history of Moscow mouse Verochka" (Cologne, Russia).
He is a laureate of many cartoon contests held in such towns as Ancona (1987), Montreal (1988), Zelena Gura (1988), Tokio (1987, 1990), Moscow (1991), Seoul (1991), Istanbul (1992, 1994), Mexico City (1994). He organized a number of his personal exhibitions in his native town of Sochi, visited by tens of thousands of residents and visitors of Sochi. His personal cartoon exhibitions also took place abroad, particularly in Germany, Bergisch Gladbach (1991) and Ludwigshafen (1996). He is a member of the Union of Artists of the Russian Federation.
For more info: http://users.livejournal.com/_cartoonist_/204862.html
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