19th Carioca Humor Exhibition Rio de Janeiro - Brazil

The 19th Carioca Humor Exhibition RIO DE JANEIRO/BRAZIL
Rules and regulations
1 - The 19th Carioca Humor Exhibition will take place at Casa de Cultura Laura Alvim –FUNARJ, from June 2nd through July 31st, 2008.
2 – Among other activities, there will be a contest of graphic Humor, divided into four categories: Cartoon, Comical Cartoon, Caricature and Comic strips.
3 - Any person is allowed to take part of the contest, except the employees of the Casa de Cultura Laura Alvim –FUNARJ and the people involved in the organization of the event. Each participant is allowed to submit up to five works in each category.
4 – The submitted works must be in the standard size 30 x 40 cm or assembled on cardboard in this size. They may be about any theme and be done with any technique of illustration. If the work is done using computer techniques, the printed work will be accepted.
5 – The comic strips must be of five pages, maximum. The pages may be about a story or a compilation of comic strips. They may be on any theme, although its humorous content will be evaluated at the final evaluation.
6 - Awarded works or works that have been published will not be allowed. The drawings published without any kind of financial gain will be allowed to participate in the contest.
7 – The period for registrations ranges from April 14th through April 28th, 2008.
8 - The registrations can be done at http://www.funarj.rj.gov.br/ where the artist will fill in the form and get its number of participation.
9 – Each work must bear on its back the number of participation, its category, its title (in case it has one) name and pseudonym of the artist. For the comic strips, besides having the above information it is necessary the numbers of the sequence of the story.
10 – To participate in the contest, the works must be:
a) Handed in at Casa de Cultura Laura Alvim/FUNARJ from April 14th through April 28th, 2008, from Monday through Friday. From 1 P.M. to 7 P.M.
b) Sent by mail. Works mailed until April 28th, 2008 and received until April 30th, 2008 will be accepted. Address:
XIX Salão Carioca de Humor
Casa de Cultura Laura Alvim/FUNARJ
Av. Vieira Souto 176 – Ipanema
22.420-000 Rio de Janeiro RJ. BRAZIL
11 – The works will be evaluated by a selection committee, which consists of organizing team of the 19th Carioca Humor Exhibition and by guests specialized in humor drawings.
12 – The selected works will be appreciated by jury that consists of five members.
13 – The first prize in each category will get a prize of R$ 6.000,00 (Six thousand reais). The second place R$ 4.000,00 (Four thousand reais). The 3rd prize R$ 2.000,00 (two thousand reais) (before taxes).
14 – The first three prizes in each category will get a trophy, especially done for this contest.
15 – The 10 best works in the categories Comical Cartoon, Cartoon and Caricature, according to the jury, and the five best works in the category Comic Strips will be exibited at Casa de Cultura Laura Alvim/FUNARJ and will be in the official catalogue of the event.
16 – The result will be announced from May 19th, 2008 on the site http://www.funarj.rj.gov.br/
17 – The works awarded with the 1st place in each category will become part of the collection of the Carioca Humor Exhibition. The returning of the other works will take place from August 18th through September 18th, 2008 at Casa de Cultura Laura Alvim. The artists must go there to claim their works. If the artist prefers to do that by mail, the artist must mention it when registering and send stamps that correspond to the mail expenses.
18 – The organization is responsible for the works only until September 18th, 2008.
19 – If an itinerant exhibition occurs, the date to return the works may be postponed.
20 – If something happens and the organization of the event needs to change dates or cancel the event, the organization can do so without informing the participants and the works will be sent back according to item 17.
21 – Other matters not mentioned here will be solved by the direction of Casa de Cultura Laura Alvim and the organizers of the 19th Carioca Humor Exhibition. By submitting their works, the participants agree with all rules mentioned here.
Source: http://www.brazilcartoon.com/

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