Results of CARTUNION 2007: "State & Religion"

The results of the Second International Cartoon Contest - CARTUNION 2007
Theme: State and Religion
The international Jury has announced the results of the contest:
Three main Prizes were shared between Ahmet Aykanat (Turkey) (see top above), Mikhail Zlatkovsky (Russia) (see below), and Sergey Sichenko (Israel).

Honorable Mentions were received by Tsocho Peev (Bulgaria), Sabine Voigt (Germany) (see below), Sergey Elkin (Russia), Mikhail Zlatkovsky (Russia), and Vasily Alexandrov (Russia).
A Special Jury Prize was given to Alexandr Mitnyk (Germany).

(Hey! Have you burnt any interesting books lately?)
The Administration of CARTUNION thanks everybody for the wonderful art and incredible sense of humor.
See more prize-winning cartoons at: http://www.cartoonblues.com/forum-e/viewtopic.php?t=166

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