ECC Cartoonbooks Club

Cartoons are your passion? Do you collect cartoon books? Then the ECC Cartoonbooks Club is the place to share this passion!
As far as we know, there is no “club” for cartoonbook collectors. So, we had to invent one. That’s why we decided to create a webspot in order to exchange ideas, information, hints and of course cartoon books.
The ECC Cartoonbooks Club wants to be a first choice meeting point for cartoonbook lovers and collectors.
The official language is English, but information in Dutch, French, German, … is also welcome.
Our blog http://www.ecc-cartoonbooksclub.blogspot.com/ gives you all the information required to join the club. We would appreciate to get your reaction.
How to become member?
Visit the blog, click “join the club” and complete the form. The intention is to reach as much as possible cartoon collectors.
Blogmaster and contact person of the ECC Cartoonbooks Club: Jan Oplinus, Wevelgem, Belgium

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