Dedeté 2008 Graphic Humor Contest

Dedeté 2008 Graphic Humor Contest
Deadline: January, 14 2008
It is critical to great a consciousness about phenomena ecologically affecting the planet. Likewise, powers and governments such as that of the United States are promoting the use of the bio-fuels for political ends, without considering the social consequences. These effects, taking the form of natural disasters, are producing global warming to such a degree that “climatic change” has prompted the newspaper to convene the International Biennial Dedeté 2008.
Title: Give the Planet a Chance!
Requirements of the Biennial:
The contest is open to all the caricaturists/cartoonists, designers and graphic artists of the world who carry out their works within the sphere of graphic humor. These can be produced using any technique, but should be sent only by electronic mail to the address: dedetecontest@jrebelde.cip.cu.
The works must be previously unpublished and fulfill the following technical regulations: format A4 ( 21 cm x 29.7 cm), resolution: 300 dpi, image type jpg, black and white or color, maximum of three works per author. In each e-mail only a single image may be attached, and should not exceed one megabyte.
The sending of the work(s) to the biennial includes acceptance of the following:
The contestants agree to relinquish their royalties to the “Dedeté,” which commits to use the works only for educational purposes and for the promotion of environmentalist culture – not for lucrative ends. Works not meeting these parameters will not be accepted in our Biennial.
Great International Biennial Prize of Dedeté 2008
Gold Medal
Silver Medal
Bronze Medal
Expiration for shipment of work(s): Monday, January 14, 2008. 15:00 hours EST

(Source: http://www.brazilcartoon.com/)

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