Results XIII Salon of Humor "Santa Clara 2008" - Cuba

Meeting in the city of Santa Clara (Cuba), on the twentieth day of December 2008, the jury made up of Isel Chacon Diaz, director of the Museum of Humor, Aristides Hernandez Guerrero (Ares), cartoonist, and chaired by Thomas Rodriguez Zayas (Tomy), cartoonist, after analyzing the works, decided to grant the following awards:
International participants
- Third Prize: Jurij Kosobukin, Ukraine
- Second Prize: Omar Figueroa Turcios, Colombia
- First Prize: the author signed TC (Tawan Chuntra?)
National participants
Humor general
- Second Prize: Enrique Lacoste Prince
- First Prize: Martirena Alfredo Hernandez
Erotic Humor
- Mention: Pedro Mendez Suarez
- Third Prize: Douglas Nelson Perez (Chispa)
- Second Prize: Miguel Angel Mora Mendoza
- First Prize: Adalberto Linares Diaz
Report: Melaito Suplemento Humor
Source: NANDO
Translation support: Google Language Tools

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