Results Santa Cruz de Tenerife Biennial International de Caricature and Cartoon

Results of Santa Cruz de Tenerife
"Biennial International de Caricature and Cartoon 2008 / Spain"

Dálcio / Brazil: 1st place - 10.000 Euros (See above)
Turcios / Colombia: 2nd place - 1.800 euros (See below)
Camilo Riani / Brazil: 3rd place - 1.200 euros
Diego Mallo Ferrer: 1st place - 10.000 Euros
Dálcio/ Brazil: 2nd place - 1.800 euros
Vladir Kazanevsky: 3rd place - 1.200 euros
Source: http://www.brazilcartoon.com/

Gabriel García Márquez by Turcios

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