CCWPF 9th Int Editorial Cartoon Competition with theme: Protecting privacy?

The Canadian Committee for World Press Freedom 9th International Editorial Cartoon Competition
1. The theme for the 9th International Editorial Cartoon Competition is: “Protecting privacy?”
In the name of national security, governments increasingly encroach on the privacy rights of citizens. At the same time, the privacy of citizens is often invoked by governments and law enforcement bodies as a justification for denying the release of information that should be made public. The privacy of personal information and communication is a key pillar of our individual rights and freedoms - but "protecting privacy" is a concept that is widely abused to hide critical information the powerful do not want the public to see.
2. Prizes: Three prizes will be given: a first prize of $1500, a crystal trophy, plus a Certificate from Canadian UNESCO, a second prize of $750 plus a certificate, and a third of $500 and certificate. All sums are in Canadian dollars. Ten additional cartoons will receive an ‘Award of Excellence.’ Regrettably no financial remuneration accompanies the Awards of Excellence.
3. Only one cartoon will be accepted from each cartoonist. It may be either in color or black and white and may be an original or a print. It must not have won an award and will not be returned.
4. The size of the cartoon should not exceed A4; 21 by 29.2 cm; or 8.50 by 11 inches.
5. The cartoonist’s name, address, telephone number, fax number and e-mail address (if available) must be in the e-mail to which the cartoon is attached. A short biography of the Cartoonist should be provided.
6. The Canadian Committee for World Press Freedom shall have the rights to use any of the cartoons entered in the Competition for promotion of our World Press Freedom Day Luncheon May 5th, 2009. Entrance by the cartoonist in this Cartoon competition is deemed acceptance of this condition.
7. The winners of the Cartoon Competition will be announced at the World Press Freedom Day Luncheon held at the National Arts Centre in Ottawa, Canada on Friday, May 5th, 2009 as well as being advised by mail/fax or e-mail. The winning names and their cartoons will be posted on the CCWPF web site: http://www.ccwpf-cclpm.ca/
8. The best 30 cartoons will be exhibited at Luncheon.
The deadline for receipt of Cartoons is 5 p.m. Tuesday, 27 March, 2009.
Send submissions by E-mail to: info@ccwpf-cclpm.ca
Cartoons should be in jpeg format at 300 dpi.

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