MELA RIDENS Special contest via e-mail - Italy

Special contest via e-mail only for young artists 16-29 years old
(with a special reserved section for professional artists over 30 years)
Prizes: Special Prizes
Deadline: September 20, 2008
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"An apple a day..." A popular motto that has found in scientific research a punctual and precise confirmation. The Lega Italiana per la Lotta contro i Tumori (Italian League for the Struggle against Tumors), appraising the most recent scientific studies, has activated a series of initiatives to favor the daily consumption of apples and a style of life founded on a correct feeding.
To comunicate this message there has been organized an ample informative campaign including a space dedicated to the juvenile creativeness.
The expressive form chosen is the humorous graphic: cartoons, sketches or brief comic strips in order to provoke a reflection on the benefits deriving from the consumption of this magic fruit that in making us feel good guarantees a dynamic, lively, pleased, serene life.
The apple is pleasant much more than a medicine. On website melaridens.com you can get scientific news about organolettic property of apples.
The initiative will last a whole year, a jury composed of the artists of Studio d'Arte Andromeda will select the works to expose and the virtual exibition will continually be adjourned. The project will be enriched as contacts, meetings, exchanges and prizes come along.
1. The contest is intended for young people of the whole world of inclusive age between 16 and 29 years.
2. Professional artists over 30 years of age can also participate in a special reserved section.
3. The virtual exibition will be visitable on the site http://www.melaridens.com/
4. Works have to be sent to the address info@studioandromeda.net beginning from November 1st 2007 and up to September 20th 2008.
5. Number of works max 2; size vertical or horizontal A4; 300 DPIs.
6. Admitted: comic strips, cartoons, coloured or white/black illustrations.
The works should be sent via e-mail to:
(including entry-form with complete author's data)
For any further information and communication:
Segreteria Festival

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